“I can’t breathe.” We don’t want you to


Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin pressing his knee on George Floyd’s neck Photo/Daily Beast
VIDEO/Al Jazeera/You Tube

a handcuffed black person is on the ground

his neck is being pressed by a white police officer’s knee

George Floyd pleads:

I can’t breathe

one of the police officers interprets the black person’s statement

“He’s talking, so he’s breathing”

what a discovery

who says cruel savages have no reasoning power

Derek Chauvin doesn’t lift his knee

he says to himself without opening his mouth:

We don’t want you to breathe

the ambulance arrives

not to treat Floyd but to pick up his corpse

this is the value of the black life

one more minority person is a victim of police brutality

they don’t even spare 12 year old black kid playing with a toy gun

racist President Trump would love to defend the killing as

maintaining “law and order” situation

the other three offices were:

Tou Thao, J. Alexander Kueng, and Thomas Lane

blacks were freed from slavery

blacks got the voting rights

and so on

but the breathing right rests with the white racist police officers

they can stop your breathing in no time

Minneapolis’ black Police Chief Medaria Arradondo offered an apology:

“I am absolutely sorry for the pain, the devastation the trauma Mr. Floyd’s death has left on his family, his loved ones and our community.” “[My police department has contributed towards] deficit of hope [in Minneapolis].”

deficit of hope?


deficit occurs when something is there

blacks in Minneapolis have no hope at all

Chicago’s black Police Superintendent David O. Brown commented:

“Any officer who abuses their power or stands by and allows it to happen does not deserve to wear the badge, period.”

taking away the badge is the easiest way out

the abusers, in this case, murderers, should be punished to the maximum

so that no police person ever thinks of abusing any civilian of any color

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