Italian Billionaire Luciano Benetton and the Aga Khan Museum partner to create cultural dialogues


Houda Terjuman’s work Bridges not fences
Casa Arabe _Laura

What does it mean when you are asked: “Where are you from?” This often innocuous question provides information to identify the historical background of a person but, more often than not, also pigeon-holes migrants based on biases and stereotypes. The project, Fondazione Imago Mundi, a project founded by Italian billionaire Luciano Benetton, has partnered with the Aga Khan Museum to launch a new project changing the narrative of identity for migrants. The partnership has kicked off with an exhibition in Italy called “Don’t Ask Me Where I’m From.”

The project channels the experiences of artists who are first, second, and third-generation immigrants–a growing body of people raised in a culture other than their parents–in a series of several works exploring cross-cultural artistic realities. Don’t Ask Me Where I’m From features new works by 15 artists, representing 25 different countries. From Italy, the exhibition will travel to the Aga Khan Museum in March 2020 and then to venues across Canada, the United States, Europe, and the Middle East.

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