Oppose the wars and absolute peace is your fate



we can create chaos
we can bomb buildings
we can blow up people
we can partition nations
we can invade countries
we can destroy infrastructures
we can overthrow governments

we control the air space
we dominate the world
we rule the seas

we are the Masters of the Universe

no one can defy us
because no one has anything with which to defy us
we have international copyrights for
imposing “democracy”
for carrying out “humanitarianism”
to teach “civility”
to maintain “law and order”

if any one’s conscience bites
too bad for that person
and if that person tries to oppose
we’ll mess up that person so bad
that he wouldn’t even recognize himself
it’ll be like an alzheimer

one of our soldier, Bradley manning suffered
a conscience attack
so he passed out video of
US Apache helicopter attacks on civilians
and other information, including
about our wars on Iraq and Afghanistan

he hates war, loves peace
so we provided him with absolute peace
he’s mostly by himself, 23 hours of the day
in a 6 feet by 12 feet cell
1 hour or less
he spends in another room
where, bound in shackles
he walks in circles
the minute he stops walking
he’s back in his cell

but we do care for his life, and are
scared that he’ll try to take it
you know, we abhor violence
so currently he’s forced to stay naked

now he has peace from clothes, things, world, …
a tiny cell is his world
he has got all the peace in the world, now

he also has peace from the news media
it has got important issues to deal with

Mubarak thugs beat Anderson Cooper
and he made sure that Mubarak was doffed
now Cooper is tied up in his efforts to remove Gaddafi

Kiran Chetry is busy flirting
and showing off her thighs

out of concern for Manning’s life
we bother him every 5 minutes
and he has to respond

don’t worry
he won’t be sentenced to death
we’ll turn him into a dead man walking
and make opponents of capital punishment happy

we’re trying to get Assange
before Manning turns into vegetable
to provide him with some moral support

B. R. Gowani can be reached at brgowani@hotmail.com

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