Paul Ryan cheers a $1.50 per week pay raise



CARTOON/M. Wuerker/Politico/Duck Duck Go

the US Congress passed the new tax changes December last
for the richest 1%, it’s like a once in a lifetime blast
75% of the tax cuts amount will go to that filthy class
one of whose members is the US president, the top ass

not much change in their taxes little people will see
except promises, it is not in their stars to get things free
Speaker Paul Ryan got $500,000 plus for pushing the tax bill
the wealthy will get $1.5 trillion tax cuts, a great thrill

of $1.50 a week, school secretary Julia Ketchum got pay raise
which she figured could acquaint her with the Costco ways
Ketchum’s pay raise Ryan interpreted as a tax cut win
he took it to Tweeter but had to retreat to save his skin

Ryan earns about $225,000 plus benefits and perks a year
commoners’ condition is beyond his understanding, dear
neither their pain nor their problems enters his heart
he lives in his own bubble world that is his great art

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