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Hello Playing For Change Family,

The PFC crew and I send you all love from Japan; konnichiwa!!  We are here recording and filming more music for our next Songs Around The World CD/DVD, and we are being treated like family while here in Asia.  Today we want to share a video from our archives– from our first trip to India.  No matter how many years you live or how much music you hear, there is always the potential for something you have never imagined before.  This is certainly the case with this week’s video featuring Rajesh Vaidha performing a classic Indian song titled “Raghuvamsa Sudha.”  This video is featured in our film, Playing For Change

Peace Through Music.

After all these years Rajesh finally taught us what Music is meant to be:

M = Morality
U = Universality
S = Spirituality
I = Individuality
C = Creativity

One Love,


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(Thanks to Joanne Arnott)

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