Cordoba Centre: A dissent

by C. M. NAIM

Of the several obscenities spread worldwide through the Internet after 9/11 the worst was a claim that all Jews were absent from their offices in the twin towers on that horrific day. “All 4,000 Jews” had stayed away, the rumour alleged, because the “real” planners of the attacks—who else but the CIA and the Mossad—had warned them. The heartless lie was repeated for weeks in the so-called Muslim world—in public speeches, newspaper columns, TV talk shows, and Internet posts. Then, as it became undeniable that actually any number of Jews had died that day—their names and stories became too public to ignore—the Muslim fanatics modified the lie; now it became, “All 4000 Israelis.” That obscenity has not disappeared; it caters to such deep psychic needs of some Muslims that it never will in entirety.

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(thanks to Robin Khundkar)

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