Media silent as Trump declares wars


Donald Trump’s attacks on Venezuela, Syria and Iran are criminal, but Joe Biden vows to be even worse.

“There is no congressional opposition to Trump’s acts of aggression which are literally killing people around the world.”

The corporate media in this country can endlessly repeat lies about Russia paying Taliban bounties, but ignore important information that is public and easily provable. A recent example is President Donald Trump’s announcement of some sort of an attack against Venezuela. 

While visiting the U.S. Southern Command (SOUTHCOM) in Florida, Trump gave an interview to Noticias Telemundo  and said the following, “Something will happen with Venezuela. That’s all I can tell you. Something will be happening with Venezuela.” 

The United States chose a puppet president to replace the elected president Nicolas Maduro, increased sanctions, attempted to send mercenaries to destabilize the country, and charged Maduro and his wife with drug trafficking. The U.S. puppet state known as the United Kingdom ruled that it will keep more than $1 billion worth of Venezuelan gold instead of turning it over to its rightful owners. The heist against Venezuela totals $24 billion in stolen and frozen assets. The wall that Trump said Mexico would pay for was actually paid for with ill gotten gains from Venezuela.

“The heist against Venezuela totals $24 billion in stolen and frozen assets.”

Venezuela has been under constant attack from the United States and its allies for years with the Trump administration making the most blatant regime change efforts. But the media who ordinarily pillory Trump are either silent or support these attacks. Trump’s remarks should have made headlines. The president of the United States once again declared some sort of hostilities against Venezuela but his words garnered hardly any attention.

Trump has placed the United States on the precipice of war in a variety of ways. He has withdrawn the U.S. from nuclear treaties with Russia that were ratified decades ago. His war of words against China is not merely rhetorical. Uttering slurs about the “Wuhan virus” and always adding the word communist along with the word China are not just stunts. Inciting violence in Hong Kong was part of a larger scheme to weaken an economic and political rival.

The U.S. is waging war by other means all over the world. The war against Syria is lost. There will be no regime change there by military means, so Trump resorts to stealing oil, burning wheat crops and increasing sanctions that restrict access to food and medicine. Israel, the U.S. partner in crime, bombs Iranian defense facilities in hopes that they can finally see their war fantasy come to reality.

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