Why did you cut me out of my tranquil abode and into this screwed up world?


A photo of a newborn baby with an anger emitting expression has gone viral PHOTO/ Rodrigo Kunstmann/GulfToday/Duck Duck Go

who are you?

what did you determine was my crime?

none …

then why was I dragged out in this world?

a world which has no future for billions of people

no food for hundreds of millions of people

millions have no shelter: no place to live

no money for education

what future can you offer me on this planet

where Bolsonaro is hell bent on burning down the Amazon Forest

where Modi enjoys the maiming, burning and killing of innocent Muslims

where the richest man’s employees have to get government aid to survive

where people spend years behind bars for so-called blasphemy charges

where the Saudi rulers behead people in public squares

and where Trump is hell bent on sacrificing the entire planet for his greed

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