Weinstein’s legs closed ranks in support


Movie mogul Harvey Weinstein entering New York Criminal Court with his attorney Donna Rotunno to defend against charges of sexual assaults PHOTO/The Daily Mail

Weinstein’s third leg would suddenly go up when a female was around

most of the time it would get its target and would then calm down

film producer, Weinstein could use the “casting couch” to get females

it was an open secret roles and work were offered in lieu of sexual favors

then one day charges started coming against him of sexual assaults, …

reporters were out, investigations began, people started talking

this forced Weinstein’s middle leg to go down and take a low profile

the cases went to courts, hearings began, lawyers were hired

what else could be done to save Weinstein from prison?

that’s when his right and left legs came to the rescue

both closed ranks with the inside leg to stoop and go limp together

of course, they all got lots of help from the very expensive lawyers

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