Thirteen ways of looking at 2017


Nuclear Weapons Controlled by Unstable Leaders

1) It was inevitable that nuclear weapons would come under the charge of ignorant and mentally unstable people. Both the leaders of North Korea and the United States believe that a nuclear war is survivable, ignoring the advice of scientists who believe such a war would make the planet uninhabitable. Kim Jong-un and Trump should visit the Peace Museum in Hiroshima. So horrified by the images on exhibit there, my daughter Tennessee, who was 19 at the time, ran, crying from the museum. By electing Donald Trump president, I nominate Trump voters as those who have committed a crime against humanity. Given the choice between yielding White supremacy and extinction, the majority of Whites, including 65% of White women without degrees and 44% of White educated women with degrees, chose extinction by electing a man who is a global warming denier and promises to toss some nuclear bombs around. Only the alternative media have attempted to inform the public of the consequences of a nuclear attack. Owned by corporations that make profits from nuclear energy, the mainstream corporate media refuse to educate their subscribers about the consequences of nuclear war. Senator Lindsey Graham says that if a nuclear war breaks out it will take place, “Over there.” There is no longer an “Over there,” Senator. If Un is provoked by a  tweet to explode a hydrogen weapon in the atmosphere, not only will the fallout affect his country, but South Korea, Japan and China, but Hawaii,USA’s Pacific territories and the  west coast of California and the states of Washington, and Oregon are still experiencing fallout from Fukushima.

Charles Murray and Cotton Mather are Big Winners.

2) Big Winners of 2017 were The Bell Curve’s Charles Murray and Cotton Mather. Murray’s disciple and puppet Paul Ryan was able to make a big step in Ethnic Cleansing with a tax bill that favors the rich, who, according to his idol Ayn Rand, should determine the course of human affairs. According to Murray’s Neo Nazi The Bell Curve, my IQ ranks lower than those of the average White’s, but even I noticed that Ryan quoted Murray in his celebratory speech following the passage of the tax bill, which ends health care coverage for 13 million. Charles Murray, whose research was funded by the Pioneer Fund, founded by a man who admired Adolf, is behind the benign extermination of the “unfavored races” and his policies can be seen in Flint and Puerto Rico where more people will die as a result of the Trump administration’s inaction than died after Katrina. Also Murray’s agent Ryan wants to go after Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid next. A method of reducing the population of undesirables that Hitler admirer Raymond Cattell called Genthanasia, the non -violent phasing out of undesirable groups, which can take the form of firing the president’s advisory HIV/AIDs council and replacing them with nutty holly rollers and snake handlers who believe that AIDs is a curse from God. Though the White men who marched in Charlottesville, parading swastikas and Confederate flags might believe that they have something in common with White men belonging to the one percent, the one percent’s philosopher Charles Murray has already abandoned them in a scathing rebuke of their values in his book, Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960-2010. He says that they spend their time goofing off. Is he calling them lazy and shiftless?

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