Corporate controlled media’s controlled debates


Democratic presidential candidates appear at the third Democratic Presidential Debate of the 2020 campaign season in Houston, Sept. 13, 2019. PHOTO/ABC News

The Democratic Party 2020 presidential candidates were invited to debate

first on NBC/MSNBC, then on CNN, and yesterday it was on ABC

all $part of the giant transnational media corporations numbering 6

very devout people begin things with the name of the Almighty

but these debates begin with how will you pay for universal healthcare?

as if the moderators are lobbyists for the pharmaceutical companies

(these pharmaceutical cos spend mega money on ads in news media)

on September 13, 2019, almost half hour was wasted on this question

moderators never raise questions on tens of other important issues:

never a question on why is there a huge tax break for the very rich

never a question on humongous “defense” spending – actually war spending

never a question how candidates will handle the huge wealth disparity

never a question on stopping the USA interference in other countries

never a question on what’s wrong with having friendship with Russia

never question that only a few news media cos are bad for real democracy

few billionaires control most of news media

news media moderators control the questions to be asked

true motive of debates is to discourage progressives like Sanders

and maintain the unequal system in place since the birth of US

authentic debates on meaningful issues in today’s environment

can only be held with the few small independent news outlets

GO Intercept, BAR, Counterpunch, ZNet, Democracy Now, WSWS

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