Letters between Indira Gandhi and Sheikh Abdullah before the controversial Kashmir accord


Sheikh Abdullah addressing a mammoth gathering in Srinagar in 1975. PHOTO/My Taing/CC BY-SA 3.0

The Kashmir accord of 1975 was perceived by many in the state as a betrayal by the National Conference leader Sheikh Abdullah.


(Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah) Phone No. 2178 Mujahid Manzil,
Srinagar (Kashmir),

November 25, 1974

My dear Indira Ji,

Mirza Mohammad Afzal Beg has written to me that he and Shri G Parthasarthi have reached the conclusions in regard to constitutional matters concerning the relationship between Jammu and Kashmir State and the Union of India. At our instance they had detailed discussions on these matters and I have received copies of documents from Mr Beg containing points on which agreement has been reached between them and those over which no agreement could be reached.

I have several times explained to you my point of view in regard to matters on which the two emissaries have disagreed. I trust you will kindly accommodate our view point to enable me to achieve the main objective.

Some points have been left over for settlement between you and me. I hope that we shall be able to sort out these points satisfactorily when we meet. I feel sure that such a settlement will provide an amicable basis for me and the people of the State to co-operate in cementing Centre-State relationship.
I am awaiting your convenience when we can meet to consider these issues. I hope you are doing well.Advertisement

With kind regards,

Yours sincerely,

(Sd/-) SM Abdullah

Shrimati Indira Gandhi,
Prime Minister of India
New Delhi.



Prime Minister’s House,
New Delhi,

December 16, 1974

Dear Sheikh Sahib,

I have your letter of November 25, 1974. Shri G Parthasarthi has also given me the documents which he and Mirza Mohammad Afzal Beg have prepared at the conclusion of their talks.

You have referred to matters on which our two representatives have disagreed. As you are aware, these are basic issues on which there have been thorough discussions between them in the course of which Beg Sahib presented your views fully. I doubt whether anything will be gained by our discussing these matters again.

We can discuss the points which have been reserved for our consideration when we meet.

Shri Parthasarthi has told me that you would write to me about the maintenance of those basic features of the State’s Constitution which are necessary not only for uniformity but also to give a measure of confidence to the people regarding the democratic functioning of the Government in the State.Advertisement

I too am anxious to conclude our discussions. I entirely agree with you that political co-operation between us will further strengthen the bond that exists between the State of Jammu and Kashmir and the Union. As you know, I am extremely busy in Parliament these days. We can perhaps meet during the last week of this month on a mutually convenient date.

With regards to you and Begum Sahiba.

Yours sincerely,

(Sd/-) Indira Gandhi

Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah,
10, Maulana Azad Road,

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