Our Beloved Leader salutes the US; I salute him


CARTOON/Khalil Bendib/Common Dreams

in 2012, not yet the Beloved Leader revealed intimate feelings:

I love America. And when you love something you protect it passionately–fiercely, even.”

five years later, he became … Our Beloved Leader or OBL

(OBL not to be confused with Osama bin Laden)

OBL had expressed his desire to celebrate “Salute to America”

today OBL, a humble simpleton, gave a salute to his country

he could’t salute/worship himself openly, so he saluted the US

but what is the United States of America?

is it mountains, prairies, streams, bridges, lakes, parks, …

merely all of the above are of no use, if there are no people

but then who gives a damn for the people

people who work/walk miles and miles at Amazon to survive

or are found dead on the beaches …

or end up in cages for crossing the border

or …

then without stepping into the Cave of Hira, it was revealed

“the United States is Our Beloved Leader

and Our Beloved Leader is the United States”

this obvious truth dawned on me 30 months too late

all this time I was misguided by reading subversive writings

I believed: “the only thing we have to fear is…fear itself

I admit that, henceforth, I also fear Our Beloved Leader

so I went for the free limitless protection provided by OBL

that is, flag, patriotism, nationalism, …

today I have covered myself in the flag

I won’t let the flag off my body

even if I vomit, shit, make love, it will be with the flag

à la Our Beloved Leader style

B. R. Gowani can be reached at brgowani@hotmail.com

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