“Fake news” – defend Assange, disprove Trump


A truck carrying a poster relating to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is driven away from the Ecuadorian embassy, London, April 5, 2019 PHOTO/© Reuters/Peter Nicholls/Russia Today

if there was any value/respect of truth

in our world of today

Julian Assange would have been a recipient of Nobel Peace Prize

for exposing the heinous crimes of the united States

and of several other governments

he would be free/busy exposing more injustices

instead of a long asylum in an Ecuadorian embassy in London

( Rafael Correa granted an asylum; his successor Lenin Moreno withdrew it)

that one room asylum ended when Moreno called the Scotland yard

now, on false charges, Assange is under custody of United Kingdom

that is, “America’s bitch” – in the word’s of Pamela Anderson

so many powerful people are happy over Assange’s arrest

including Hillary Clinton, that hellish woman

the “fake media,” is the term Trump uses for the US dominant media

he’s using it to save his ass and hide his wrongdoings

but he’s not totally wrong about the media’s fakeness

the major news media has always been in step with the ruling class

whether it is its imperial wars or maintaining the gruesome inequality

now the media should disprove President Donald Trump

by really doing something real and good

to defend Assange’s right to freedom of speech/writing

instead of Washington Post and others going after Assange

late night TV hosts made fun of Assange rather than showing solidarity

they forget the freedom they’re enjoying of making fun of Trump

Trump should use his presidential powers to pardon Assange

in about 60 days in 2016, Trump mentioned Assange/WikiLeaks 160 times

this is the time for Trump to give back a little

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