Like father, like son – holy bastards


At Donald Trump’s inauguration, evangelist Franklin Graham is seen making a speech. Behind Trump in sky-blue coat is his wife Melania Trump. Behind Melania is Trump’s daughter Ivanka in white dress and next to her, partially seen, is her husband Jared Kushner. PHOTO/Billy Graham Evangelist Association/Duck Duck Go

Since ancient times God/gods/goddesses, king/prince/politician, and trader/merchant/business people (later corporate CEO) have worked in tandem to control common people. This has enabled these three ruling groups to exploit the common people as much as possible and to enrich them with tithes, taxes, and labor. In the twentieth-century, two other entities joined the triumvirate, the news media and celebrities. These two groups exert impressive power on the common people and are rewarded through various commercial means.

Lack of technology and minimal understanding of natural phenomenon forced people to create gods/goddesses for daily survival. Then some foxy people became agents of gods/goddesses. Later concept of one God was introduced in certain societies, He became surrounded by agents, too. God, gods, and goddesses became tools for great profit, business, wars, hatred, and more.

one such powerful agent of God is Franklin Graham

every pore in him is filled with hate and lies

Franky is as bloodthirsty as his father Billy was

Billy told President Nixon to kill a million Vietnamese

Nixon sitting next to him, Billy said:

“All Americans may not agree with the decision a president makes–

but he is our president…”

this was in the wake of killing of four students

Ohio’s National Guards murdered those anti-war protestors

Franky recently said:

God put him [President Trump] there.” “We’ve got to get behind him.”

is Franky’s response to Trump’s constant lying

“I believe he’s President of the United States for a reason.

I believe God put him there.

He offended everybody …

he seemed to do everything wrong as a candidate

and he won.

I don’t understand it other than God put him there.”

what goddamn logic from a goddamn preacher

the more heinous a leader is

the more chances she/he has to reach the top

like father, like son – holy bastards

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