The dangerous technology



land was plenty
so were resources and food
animals and animals-evolving-to-be-humans survived side by side
then the human species became bipedal
which was a good sign for their survival and well being
of those species/sub species only the Homo sapiens survived
they made great progress
then they mastered technology
they also mastered dangerous/destructive technology
now that was a very bad omen
not only for the animals and most of the human beings
but also for the world and the universe too
big cities have become graveyards of vehicles
now the space will be littered with drones, rockets, …
outer-space will have unlimited amount of debris

the inner/outer-space will also have new inhabitants – the robots

human beings’ reach is far and wide
its power is bloody and monstrous
the humans is the worst of all the species to inhabit this world ever

but can the Homo sapiens outsmart their own technological prowess
without succumbing and in turn annihilating themselves to their own discoveries?

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