Safdar is a communalist par excellence


PML-N leader retired Captain Muhammad Safdar (son-in-law of former prime minister Nawaz Sharif) spewing hatred against Pakistan’s victimized Ahmadi minority in the National Assembly on October 10, 2017 PHOTO/Dawn

thieves, communalists, and bigots rule the world stage
and want to see their minorities assigned to the cage

Pakistan has mistreated its minorities in a brutal way
ex premier Nawaz Sharif tried not to see them as prey

politics is mostly involved when politicians do things
so he must have expected in return some vote strings

“In my personal view, we are all are equal,” he said
people belonging to all religions are one, Sharif pled

but his son-in-law is a communalist, a hard core one
who uses religious card with venom and shame none

he’s anti-Ahmadi, a Muslim minority declared Muslim non
in NA, he spewed hatred against them and went on and on

“Because theirs is a false religion, in which there is no
concept of jihad for Allah,” so we should shun them, you know

as if Pakistan has not experienced enough of the jihad shit
this bastard wants Ahmadis to wage Jihad and fall in Godly pit

Sharif renamed the physics center for an Ahmadi Dr Abdus Salam
Safdar stayed quiet for a while but has now lost his calm

he has been talking against Ahmadi Muslims for a long time
back in 2012, he had joined religious nuts to emit hate slime

from Pakistan, Salam was one of the two Nobel laureates* to emerge
but there is another reason behind Safdar’s Islamic/patriotic surge

he’s under investigation on corruption charges and so the attack
women and minorities are the easiest targets without fear of a flack

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*(Another Pakistani Nobel Prize winner is Malala Yousafzai who shared the peace prize with India’s Kailash Satyarthi.)

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