Bahuroopi Gandhi, Anu Bandyopadhyaya (translated in Sindhi by Zaffar Junejo)

To be published in Pakistan in the first week of July.

The book portrays many aspects of this great man which remain unknown. How he took interest in so many things and when got going he did them with extraordinary finesse. He spun khadi and wove sarees for his wife Kasturba on a loom and stitched blouses for her. He was hair-cutter, made leather sandals, washed clothes and cleaned toilets with broom and bucket Gandhiji did the most menial tasks with utmost pride. This book has the power to sensitize and change people. He told us that every single individual on earth can make a significant contribution. Gandhiji’s message is loud and clear – Live Simply, so that Others Can Simple Live….”

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The following is a Foreword by India’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru:

This book is for children. But I am sure that many grown-ups will read it with pleasure and profit.
Already Gandhiji has become a legend. Those who have not seen him, especially the children of today, must think of him as a very unusual person, a superman who performed great deeds. It is desirable, therefore, for the common aspects of his life to be placed before them, as is done by this book.
It is extraordinary how in many things he took interest and when he took interest, he did so thoroughly. It was not superficial interest. It was perhaps his thoroughness in dealing with what are considered to be the small things of life which emphasized his humanism. That was the basis of his character.
I am glad that this book has been written telling us of how Gandhiji functioned in a variety of ways, quite a part from politics and the public scene . It will perhaps give us a greater insight into him.
Jawaharlal Nehru
New Delhi, 10th March, 1964.

(Submitted by Pritam Rohila)

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