Mr. Giuliani’s hard labor on display



in the US, at age 66, a person is considered a senior citizen

a senior citizen everywhere deserves respect, care, and love

Rudy Giuliani is 76.5 years old – i.e., 10.5 years more senior

this makes him eligible for even more love/care/respect

instead what he gets is derision, taunts, name-calling, …

but why is he the target of character assassination?

it’s because he’s working very hard for his client: the POTUS

he’s President Donald Trump’s personal attorney

he probably gets $20,000 a day, to challenge the election result

senior citizen Trump (74.5), on his own, fought hard to win

the victory, though, went to the other senior citizen: Biden (78)

who was helped by Jim Clyburn and Barack Obama

Mr. Biden’s opponent Bernie Sanders was sidelined by Obama

Mr. Trump got 73.7 million votes vs. Mr. Biden’s 79.7 million

but …

one may question the high amount Mr. Giuliani charges

however, one has to take into account the nature of the case

Mr. Giuliani has to disprove that Mr. Biden got more votes

it’s not an easy job, besides Mr. Trump has not enough money

else he would have bribed the electors to change sides

Mr. Trump, as Matthew Stevenson puts it, doesn’t “do deals”

and has not enough money to fight on a great scale

otherwise many former presidents have cheated in elections

Mr. Giuliani works constantly, calling press conferences, etc.

and …

on the job, he has blackened his hands (at 4:21 in the video)

at this age, he has to sell cigars too, to make ends meet (11:07)

people make fun of him when he sweats profusely (59:42

they claim it’s hair color melting due to hot temperature

they’re all wrong, it is not color dripping from his forehead

it’s perspiration, of course, it’s a black color sweat

can there be black sweat?

how many people worth $45 million have you seen working?

I am sure the high probability is NONE.

people with tens of millions do perspire different than us

also Mr. Giuliani is not an ordinary lawyer

he’ the personal lawyer of the most powerful person

nothing is ordinary about Mr. Giuliani or Mr. Trump

with age, memory deficit keeps rising in senior-people

so they’re constantly searching for misplaced items …

the aging process has a nasty habit of shrinking things

Mr. Giuliani, it seemed, was checking for his male organ

the decreased size took a little longer to locate

though he said he was tucking his shirt in his pants

one should take him at his words, but his hand was in there

people misinterpreted, and video-taped it looking suspicious

VIDEO/Inside Edition/Youtube

stay tuned …

the story continues …

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