Who should be Biden’s VP?


Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, and Elizabeth Warren. PHOTO/Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images/Politico

worldwide, ethnic/religious minorities are crushed daily

they can only dream power to come to one of their own

thinking, that will change things for their kin and folks

it rarely happens like that, history is great witness

elections in United States are coming in November

Republicans don’t have to worry about minorities

Democrats worry about minorities

because their victory depends on minority vote

but Democrat funds depend on the rich

so what do minorities get in return for their votes

nothing substantial but a great many symbolic actions

black congressperson Jim Clyburn helped Biden win S. Carolina

so Biden has to choose a black woman as his running mate

he has other women under consideration too

remember: the VP candidate should also be ready to become POTUS

Biden has dementia and lacks the energy of Bernie Sanders

it’s doubtful if Biden will stay mentally fit to finish his first term

none of the black women on the list are for the common people

then there is Tammy Duckworth (white father and Thai mother)

she was deployed in Iraq where she lost her legs

if she is chosen, the Democrats/Biden will present her as “hero”

where as Trump will be portrayed as coward for avoiding the war

(here one has to appreciate Trump’s cleverness for saving his ass as

the US war against Vietnam was a totally criminal enterprise)

one cannot but sympathize with Duckworth for her loss of legs

however, one has to question her rationale for going to Iraq

the only candidate in the lot worthy of VP position is Elizabeth Warren

unless the Democrats find some colored person who is like Warren

or is a revolutionary and much better than Warren

Warren’s white color will be questioned in these screwed up times

one can’t forget that the country wants a person who brings change

Warren is not a revolutionary but will definitely introduce some changes

better still would be Bernie Sanders, who is more progressive than Warren

it’s a blasphemy to choose a white man at this juncture

but the fact is that he’s way better than all the women on the list

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