CIA veterans endorse Biden for president—and so does Tulsi Gabbard


Former Vice President Joe Biden and CongreewomanTulsi Gabbard PHOTO/Duck Duck Go

On Wednesday, more than 80 former spies, CIA station chiefs, diplomats and other officials of the US national security state, including former leaders of the Department of Homeland Security, Central Intelligence Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Defense, issued a statement endorsing former Vice President Joseph Biden for President.

The authors are endorsing Biden because they know he will continue US wars, illegal spying and drone assassinations. The signatories have in fact been instrumental in the crafting, implementation and execution of dozens of clandestine programs that facilitated the illegal and unconstitutional spying, torture and murder of millions of people around the globe for decades.

They are confident that all of that will continue under a Biden administration, given his long political record as a representative of American imperialism, including eight years as Barack Obama’s vice president. Many of these individuals endorsed Hillary Clinton in 2016 for the same reason: they regarded her, rather than Donald Trump, as the more reliable and effective steward of US foreign policy.

In the letter announcing their endorsement of Biden the authors detailed their objections to the Trump presidency: “Our nation’s foreign affairs are in disarray; our alliances frayed, and our national prestige declining. Our approach to both friends and enemies abroad has been chaotic and unprincipled. Our credibility as a nation has been lessened. And, perhaps most importantly, our place in the world as a source of moral leadership has nearly been lost.”

It is worth examining exactly what type of “moral leadership” these signatories represent.

The letter, which was posted publicly on, includes ambassadors, spies and policy makers dating back to the administration of President John F. Kennedy. The undersigned are responsible for innumerable imperialist war crimes across multiple administrations.

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