Trump’s total dependence on white islands


President Donald Trump addressing a political rally in Minneapolis, Minnesota on October 9, 2019 PHOTO/Duck Duck Go

Trump started his presidential campaign his way:

boastful, arrogant, racist, showy, idiotic

the news media had a dangerous clown for free, to increase its ratings

Trump had free use of TV and print media – saved him lots of money

in the beginning it was a novelty show for lots of people

but the show has gone on too long and the novelty has worn off

another problem is that the content hasn’t changed much

the same sort of rallies, same white islands, same sort of nonsense

October 10, 2019, Trump held a rally in Minneapolis, Minnesota

topics and targets are mostly the same, except a few

he attacked progressive Muslim/colored Minnesota Congresswoman

one of his regular targets, to vent his racism, to please his audience

Trump can’t beat Ilhan Omar in an intelligent discussion

so he attacks her personal life and her Somali-origin

he also touched on building a wall between the United States and Mexico

his new target Joe Biden got attacked vehemently and rudely:

former VP Biden “understood how to kiss Barack Obama’s ass!”

through these rallies Trump is campaigning for his second term

but his chances to get re-elected are getting slimmer by the day

his administration is gradually unraveling:

under the weight of scandals, investigations, resignations

impeachment proceedings are gaining momentum – bad news for him

most of his Republican colleagues are politicians like him

the minute they feel Trump is un-electable, they’ll show him their asses

how is Trump going to face and handle this setback?

is he going to incite revolt from his supporters of the white islands

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