Hindu-Modi attacks Muslim-Kashmir


An soldier stands guard on a deserted street as a child looks on during curfew in Srinagar on August 6, 2019. Photo/AFP/The Hindu

extremist leaders – religious and otherwise

have now mastered the art of democracy

the more votes you get, the more your power enhances

and the more motherfucker evil you can do –

by dividing people on any issue –

religion, skin color, caste, sexual preference …

but …how do you get more votes …

when you’ve accomplished nothing of value?

you create fear in people of your chosen group

fear of others, terrorists, Muslims, Pakistan …

Modi is the product of RSS

he used the above ploy and got lots of votes

just by instilling and exaggerating the fears

and as soon as he prevailed …

he took away freedom the Kashmiris had –

in a dramatically undemocratic manner

by sending Indian army in high numbers there

he revoked their special status in effect since mid-1950s

it was mercilessly divided into

Jammu/Kashmir and Ladakh

to be henceforth ruled by the central government

fanatics and other Hindu supporters of Modi

are over-joyed and celebrating his win

(number of Hindu zealots have proliferated due to BJP)

none of them oppose …

the undemocratic nature of Modi’s action

however, they don’t know that tomorrow

Modi can easily come after them … as

this is nature and make up of fascist leaders

no one is considered “safe”

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