Trump’s extreme rhetoric & hatred


President Donald Trump
Congresspersons (from left) Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Ayanna Pressley VIDEO/PBS News Hour/You Tube

the nature of cult leaders, bigots and fascists

is to provoke and incite the masses

they can fill people’s hearts and minds very easily

with hatred and anger in no time at all

by their charisma, faulty rhetoric and more

their goal is to gain increasing power

by taking control over the minds of the populace

Trump is trying to do the same

what he probably fails to understand is that

once the anger and hatred are unleashed

these emotions will not die silently

but will look for outlets

very possibly can create tragedies of

death, destruction, and disaster on a grand scale

that Trump will not be able to control, as history shows us

the fascists, the cultists, the racists,

the misogynists, bigots, and nationalists of yester-years

Trump sees himself as the US white supremacist emperor

and openly and vociferously exhibits this when

he targets racist tirade against 4 congresswomen of color

he tells them, to go back to their countries

Ayanna Pressley, Rashida Tlaib, AOC, Ilhan Omar

all of them are US citizens

who have put their life on the line for the people

and have responded strongly and fearlessly

in spite of being the recipients of unbelievable vitriol

from the powerful leader of their country

they have not let fear keep them from doing what is right

in a rally, Trump lets loose his hatred against Omar

his supporters shouted: “send her back,” send her back,” …

he paused his speech until the chants died down

his white color permits Trump to spew hatred

against mainly minorities that he targets

the majority of the population is white in the United States

majority is considered right – even if it is totally wrong

one cannot help but wonder …

what will happen to these congresswomen

nothing very good can be seen on the horizon =

how will such hate and anger subside

will it, as it often does, lead to violence?

will it subside after acts of tragedy?

or will run its natural course of immense harm?

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