My most loyal darling


PHOTO/AP/Jose Luis Magana/The Nation

I demand loyalty; that is my right

return loyalty? it’s not in my DNA

I found second wife Marla, so i kicked out my first wife Ivana

I kicked out Marla because she had an affair with my bodyguard

while Melania is waiting for my downfall to kick me out

before my marriages and after my marriages

I was with many women

to kiss, f–k, p—y grab, etc.

then there was Stormy whose silence I bought through my lawyer

and not forgetting Karen, who was silenced by me too

but then I found my true love

my Darling Stars & Stripes

I lovingly call her “USAia”

USAia doesn’t demand or complain

I can use/misuse/abuse her the way I want to

I can grab/bonk/kiss/mistreat her the way I want

i can screw any one of the 50 stars

the other 49 would remain indifferent

besides, the whiteness of the stars would not leave a blue dress stain

it will be a different color stain cause Clinton is no more my friend

I and the girls can give my Darling a “golden shower” too

Usaia is not a whore, but is reduced to such a state by the rich and powerful

whether it’s tech, pharma, oil, banking, other monster industries

or giant corporations or tiny/nuclear Israel, or its lobbies

each of them continue to take advantage of USAia


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