Modi’s 56″ chest is just fat and no heart


null Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi with United States President Donald Trump and the first lady, Melania Trump at White House, in Washington DC, on June 26, 2017 PHOTO/PTI/PIB/The Indian Express

in today’s world impression is everything
creating positive impression is PR
conveying an impression that we’re close buddies is great PR

Modi is the master of such bullshit
he never misses a chance to give or forcefully get a tight hug
to/from powerful politicians, celebrities, business people …
producing the effect that he’s meeting someone close –
probably a childhood buddy after a long absence

null Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is seen hugging various VIPs. PHOTO/Associated Press/The Mercury News

Modi doesn’t give such hugs to Dalit Hindus (outcasts), Christians, Muslims
instead they get death-hugs from Modi’s Hindu thugs
with them Modi acts and behaves tough and nasty

Modi’s fond of portraying himself as a very strong man
he boasted of his chhappan inch ki chhati (56-inch chest)

Modi has very little time for India
he has traveled to 41 countries in 4 years
165 days at an expense of Indian Rs 355 crore
his recent China visit is his 42nd trip abroad

coming back to the subject of hugs
the hug to be remembered is the one he gave Trump
both are bullshitters with fascistic natures
Modi was hoping getting close to Trump would have benefits

Modi tried to cash in his trump-hug by asking for a waiver
against the soon to be imposed sanctions against Iranian oil

to no avail …

India said:India follows only U.N. sanctions,
and not unilateral sanctions by any country.”

this bold statement was for the Indian audience
now: India is arranging to buy oil from other sources

India is the second largest buyer after China, of Iranian oil
US has threatened countries buying Iranian oil
to stop buying it from November 2018

Trump wants to overthrow the Iranian government
by destroying its economy which is oil dependent

for what reason?
US wants Israel and Saudi Arabia to be the regional powers

who can stop or argue with the Global Rogue?

India is a strong country and can stand up against the United States
but Modi’s 56″ chest has lots of charbi (fat) but no heart

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