Palestine – from Balfour to Trump


IMAGE/Cartoon Movement

A mural resembling the work of elusive artist Banksy depicting President Donald Trump wearing a Jewish skullcap, is seen on Israel’s West Bank separation barrier in the West Bank city of Bethlehem. PHOTO/Associate Press/The Express Tribune

in 1917, a monster named Balfour declared:

“His Majesty’s government view with favour
establishment in Palestine
of a national home for the Jewish people,
and will use their best endeavours to facilitate
the achievement of this object,
it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done
which may prejudice the civil and religious rights
of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine,
or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews
in any other country.”

James Balfour was foreign secretary of Britain
the then super power of the world

thus began a tragic century of

refugee status
territorial loss
security checkups
emotional anguish
physical hardships
constant conflicts

but Palestinians had one hope
their little future independent Palestine
made up of Gaza and West Bank
would have East Jerusalem as their capital

but 2017 saw another monster called Trump
who kicked the tired/wretched Palestinians
by announcing to move the US embassy to East Jerusalem
and thus ended the centenary celebrations of the Balfour Declaration

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