Blacks prove themselves on world stage

By Philip Ochieng (The Citizen)

According to elementary physics, water always finds its level. Barack Obama epitomises the fact that, no matter how you tilt the ground, water eventually returns to the horizontal plane natural to it.

Like H2O, too, the human mind is homogeneous in its chemical composition, namely, in what defines us as a species. Yet an overgrowth of pernicious ideology has long tilted the playing ground terribly against some humans.

Europe’s intelligentsia the very world elite whose education should make them know much better than we has poisoned the mass mind with the completely unscientific teaching that the Negro’s mental and moral composition is inferior to the Caucasian’s.

Still hag-ridden by this evil thought, the white mercantile world continues to think of black people in terms of cheap labour and profit, the very yoke which has arrested the expression and development of our natural mental and manual potentialities ever since the slave days.

Even in the 21st century, black Africans remain the world’s poorest, hungriest, most diseased, most mal-governed, most despised, most aided human lot.

But all of these superlatives are a direct consequence of 500 years of a kind of Mercators projection of thought.
Eurocentrism puts the North namely, Europe — on top of the world’s map, not only in geographical terms but also in terms of knowledge, technique, economy, development, military clout and the super-wisdom called democracy.

And it puts the South — namely, Africa — at the very bottom of that map. By what logic of the cosmos do we think of the South as down and the North as up or of black Africa as sub-Saharan (Africa below the Sahara)? Many do see how serious the question is.
Once you accept such terms — imposed by Europe — you tacitly agree that Europe is above the Sahara.
Once you do that, Europe’s self-proclaimed superiority quietly sinks into your subconscious. Without knowing it, you internalise the idea that Africa is naturally inferior.

By its own mental and financial servility towards Europe, the black elite — the product of a deeply corruptive European-imposed educational system — simply intensifies the Northern world’s conception of us as childlike, helpless, beggarly, needing compassion.

The compassion must, however, be accompanied by spanking because, with children, you cannot afford to spare the rod.
That is why even the most junior white diplomat in African capitals feels free to comment licentiously about the erratic ways of governments.

But water finds its level. In proportion as black people have been freed to participate equally in each social field, in the same proportion have they excelled in those fields.
Music, entertainment and sports were the first fields to be levelled for competition with whites.

And so, in instrumentation or voice, in comedy or theatre, in soccer or cricket, in tennis or golf, in pugilism or hockey, in dance or skiing, in the short dashes or the marathons, black men and women have progressively dominated the world’s events ever since a black athlete stunned Hitler in the 1936 Olympics in Berlin.

The door to economics and education — especially in science and technology — was the last to be opened to the former victims of slavery and colonialism. That is why, in these fields, the black person still generally lags behind.

However, despite the conspiracy of silence by the white corporate media, the fact is that Western blacks have patented a hundred times more inventions than even the black world is aware of.

In the social fields, acclaimed and domineering white European intellects have declared that blacks (and Jews) are too deficient, mentally, to make any history.

Yet we have recently witnessed some phenomenal events. A black Kenyan has twice been elected mayor in an all-white Canadian city.

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