Pakistan: Created for Islam – Is now being destroyed for Islam


Left, Aasia Bibi PHOTO/The Telegraph Right, Naushad Valiyani PHOTO/Jinnah Institute

created in the name of Islam
amidst the rivers of blood
is now being destroyed in the name of Islam
amidst explosions by suicide bombers
and blasphemy charges by hypocrites

always in the news
almost never for a good reason
Pakistan, without
bĂȘtises, barbarities, bombings
is unthinkable

accused of blasphemy
(burning the pages of Koran)
Imran Latif was granted bail
but within few days was shot to death

Aasia Noreen Bibi, a Christian, accused of
passing derogatory comments against Muhammad
has already lost one year in jail
is awaiting execution or presidential pardon
while a cleric has offered $5,800 for her murder

the latest victim is a doctor
an Ismaili Muslim, Naushad Valiyani,
it is said that he threw
the medical rep’s visiting card into a dustbin
the card was not hurt
nor was the rep
but the name on the card felt traumatized
because the name was Muhammad
which also is the name of Prophet of Islam

this is one more new excuse
to get even or harass a non-Muslim
or a Muslim you don’t like
or a Muslim from a different branch of Islam

so now every Muslim named Muhammad
will have persecuting powers

Muhammad is hungry
goes to a restaurant
eats without paying

Muhammad wants a ride
gets a rickshaw or taxi
reaches destination free of charge

Muhammad wants another wife
sets his eyes on a houri-like beauty
all objections overruled

Muhammad has skin irritation in his rear
wants someone he hates to scratch his ass
the refusal results in being charged with blasphemy

what if Muhammad encounters another Muhammad,
quite a common name among Muslims
then the one belonging to the dominant group will prevail

and if both Muhammads are from the dominant group
then one with the power or more power will triumph

Where would it end?

Allah has 99 or so names/attributes
which are also common names among Muslims
does it mean that
Muid, Khabar, Latif, and others
would use similar tactic?

This terrorist game must end
but how?
lock-up Allah, Muhammad, Quran, and Islam
in houses, hearts, and mosques
outside of these places
they shouldn’t be seen, mentioned, or invoked

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