Pakistan: Abandon all hope, ye who live here*


The Crime Investigation Department building, located in high-security area known as “red zone” which also houses the US Consulate and Sindh province Chief Minister’s residence, was bombed and flattened in Karachi, Pakistan. The banned Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan claimed responsibility for the blast. About twenty people died and more than one hundred were injured. PHOTO/Hindu

civil tension
ethnic tension
sectarian tension

US violence
police violence
Taliban violence
military violence
political violence
Al-Qaeda violence


shrines are bombed
temples are bombed
mosques are bombed
churches are bombed

(perhaps, that’s the reason
atheists didn’t built
curse-God centers)

power-hungry wolves
the military and opposition
who would do anything
to grab power
always looking for an excuse
have, at this moment in Pakistan’s life,
dozens of reasons
to snatch the highest throne
and who would blame them?

and yet they don’t want the power
not because they have transformed
or have turned democratic
or have started liking the corrupt throne-warmer
it’s because they’re well aware, that
Pakistan is in the eighth circle of Dante’s Inferno
and is sliding towards the last stage

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*The words: “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here,” inscribed on the gate of Hell (Inferno in Italian), and is part of Dante Alighieri’s poem, Divine Comedy, written between 1308 and 1321.

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